Night sky and stars over Parry Sound, ON


The town of Parry Sound, Ontario is located right on Georgian Bay, and is one of the most desirable cottage country destinations for vacationers. However, it has also seen steady population growth over the last decade as more and more make Parry Sound their home.

This quaint town is perhaps most well-known for its beautiful, untouched nature views, iconic railway, and historic downtown area. Rich in history, Parry Sound is a great place to get away during the humid summer months, but is also a wonderful option for those looking to settle down in the central Ontario region. 

Early Parry Sound, ON

Although Parry Sound was officially incorporated as a town in the year 1887, its history does date back a little further than that. Parry Sound…

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It's not easy to choose the perfect neighborhood for you or your family. Let's face it, your neighborhood is just as important as your house. If you are not happy with your neighborhood it will eventually lead to you not being satisfied with your home. Do your research to determine what a neighborhood has to offer you. The greatest areas for families with children is not always the best place for a single person or empty nesters. This article will explain the things that you should be looking at in a neighborhood during the buying process.


Location is everything. Imagine living in an amazing area, but you work over 50 miles away. This will not leave you with much time to enjoy everything that your neighbourhood has to offer considering you…

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You might have heard that saying about the number of fish there are in the sea – the sea of prospective dates and mates. The same goes for homes on the market.

Even when the market heats up as it's doing now, it's not uncommon for a buyer to visit 10, 20 or even more homes before finding the property they want to make their home.

These numbers can be daunting, but even the most particular buyers, even buyers who are frustrated by how many homes don't seem like the right fit, can take heart in this one truth of dating that also applies to house hunting: You only need to find ONE.

So the next question is this: how do you know which fish is the one you should take home – I mean, make your home? To help, here are six signs that a given home you're…

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Did you know that we spend more than 300 hours per year in our kitchens*?

When you’re looking for a new home (or just dreaming about one), the kitchen can be the room that makes the biggest impact. If a kitchen has outdated appliances, a weird layout, or is noticeably cramped, you definitely notice it.

Whether you like throwing big dinner parties or the only appliances you use are the microwave and the toaster, it's important to feel comfortable in your kitchen. But they can be costly to redo, which is why so many homeowners put this off for the next owner.

That’s not the case with these homes!

To save you time, we hand-selected homes for sale right now with beautiful kitchens.

As you can see, a kitchen with all the right features can…

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