Private dock with chairs on a Muskoka Lake area home

The Muskoka area has been a popular destination for eager vacationers for a very long time… and for good reason! There’s so much to see and do, from boating on the numerous lakes to exploring the area’s hiking trails. And not just in the summertime! Muskoka offers activities year-round, which is also why many have decided to purchase property in this beautiful region.

But Muskoka is not only for nearby Southern Ontarians who want to escape the city, but also a fashionable choice for celebrities from all over the world. Clearly, the beauty of the Muskoka area cannot be denied, and with its luxurious waterfront properties, it’s to be expected that this region would attract some high-profile guests!

Canadian Celebrities

No one knows Canadian…

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Blueberries on vine in Muskoka, ON region


The Muskoka region, found north of Toronto, around Georgian Bay, is known for its stunning lakes, beautiful cottages, and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. Muskoka in and of itself is made up of numerous communities, including Bala (recognized for its cranberry festival in the fall), Huntsville (known for its events and scenic spots), and Gravenhurst (which has a long and rich history). There's so much to see and do in this beautiful area, in every single season.

While boating, hiking, and spending summers hanging out at the cottage are all popular pastimes, Muskoka residents and visitors may also want to take a tour around some of the area’s best wineries and breweries—of which there are several! While this is certainly not for…

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Private dock with chairs on a Muskoka Lake area home

The Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario is world-renowned for its spectacular lakes and gorgeous scenic properties. As such, this is a popular vacation destination for celebrities from all around the world, not limited to Justin Bieber, Tom Hanks, David Beckham, and Steven Spielberg.

Whether you’re taking it easy by the lake for the summer, or kicking back all year round, there are a multitude of incredible sights to see. For those who are professional (or amateur!) photographers, or for those who just want to get the perfect picture for Instagram, we have you covered. Here is our list for some of the best places in the Muskoka Lakes region to get that amazing picture for social media!

Minnehaha Falls and Hatchery Falls, Between Bent River and…

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Night sky and stars over Parry Sound, ON


The town of Parry Sound, Ontario is located right on Georgian Bay, and is one of the most desirable cottage country destinations for vacationers. However, it has also seen steady population growth over the last decade as more and more make Parry Sound their home.

This quaint town is perhaps most well-known for its beautiful, untouched nature views, iconic railway, and historic downtown area. Rich in history, Parry Sound is a great place to get away during the humid summer months, but is also a wonderful option for those looking to settle down in the central Ontario region. 

Early Parry Sound, ON

Although Parry Sound was officially incorporated as a town in the year 1887, its history does date back a little further than that. Parry Sound…

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Every year, designers around the world look forward to the reveal of Pantone’s new Colour of the Year. Similarly, interior designers await the rollout of new colour palettes from major paint companies.

These rollouts require colour stylists to carefully analyze global and societal trends from the runway, varying lifestyles, and demographics.

Consumer Reports recently predicted the hottest interior paint colours of 2019, and we picked our favourites here.

We also included how and where to incorporate these colours into your home.



Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan AF-690

Why it's hot: neutral tones create a calming ambiance.

Where to use: living room, sleek kitchen, sophisticated bedroom.

Where to buy: select paint…

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When dreaming of your perfect kitchen, it can be hard to decide what changes need to happen in order to make it the perfect space for you. The kitchen is the most visited space in the house, so you want to make sure you are prepared before embarking on this remodeling journey.

There are many changes you can make when the time comes so we created a list to help you get started. Here are 7 easy upgrades to consider to bring your dream kitchen to fruition.

Renovating Cabinets

Rather than installing completely new cabinets, painting tarnished or scuffed cabinetry is a cost-effective way to brighten the room. Make sure to scrub the cabinets before you sand and prime, then paint. Although it's cost-effective, taking the added time to do the proper…

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