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I'm here to listen, to understand and to put you at ease. I know selling your home, sweet home can be extremely emotional and I want you to know that I get it. I promise to bring patience, compassion and calmness to what many consider an overwhelming process. And most importantly, you'll always come first.

Six Steps to Your Success

Take Me On a Tour

Agree On a Price

Market Your Home Like Crazy

Host Showings for Buyers

Kick Your Feet Up & Relax

Accept Your Offer & Celebrate!


Take Me On a Tour

I will ask you to walk me through a tour of your property as if you are selling it to me. Tell me all your favorite things about your home, especially the ones that are important to highlight. After all, nobody knows your home quite like you do.


Agree On a Price

It’s important that we review comparable sold properties and look at the competition together. This will help us come up with a price that fits the market and maximizes your financial potential. Remember, the price we set for your home is largely dependent on the current market conditions, not necessarily what you or I feel it’s worth. I will set appropriate expectations up front because I want you to be happy, not stringing you along and misleading you to believe a price is achievable when it isn’t. 


Market Your Home Like Crazy

I  offer an unbeatable comprehensive digital marketing package and it is easily the strongest of any of my competition. Not only do I make your home look like a show stopper with HD photos, HD videos and 3D floor plans, but I also advertise it across several social media platforms to increase exposure and generate interest. I keep track of all potential buyers and create targeted e-mail campaigns that elicit excitement for your home. I turn the engagement into offers by personally reaching out and having a conversation with buyers about your home, it’s story and everything it has to offer. Don’t forget, the majority of buyers in Muskoka aren’t local and present, so our online presence is critical.


Host Showings for Potential Buyers

When it comes to showing your home, I’ll be there to provide my Concierge Service. First impressions are so important. In order for potential buyers to picture themselves in your home, it must be spotless, spacious and fresh.  I will strategically match your home’s atmosphere to the day, making it insanely inviting when buyers arrive. For example, if it’s a beautiful day, I will open the windows and turn the lights on; If it’s a cold, dreary day, I’ll turn the heat on and make your home feel cozy. If needed, I will trim the trees, rake your garden, and freshen the landscape. Oh, and rest assured, I will personally be there to open and lock the door when buyers are coming to look! I'll be sure to provide you with all of the feedback from the showings.


Kick Your Feet Up & Relax, I've Got it From Here

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but the rest of the process can be done remotely. If you’d like, I can arrange a video call with the buyer so you can see them and hear their presentation! Otherwise, the offers will come to me and I will discuss each one with you. I will facilitate the home inspection, any financing appointments and the appraisal if needed. I ask the questions that the buyer might not know to ask which allows us to get in front of any fears they may have before they’re blown out of proportion. Like I said, kick your feet up and relax!


Accept Your Offer and Celebrate!

Once we choose a buyer’s offer, we’ll negotiate the terms to your liking, sign all the necessary paperwork and of course, place our beautiful “SOLD” sign in the front lawn- just to make it official (Hello Photo Op!) Congratulations! An ecstatic buyer is ready to love your home just as you did and make memories to last a lifetime.


Don’t be a stranger!

I am always striving to deliver value after we've officially finished working together. If you ever have a burning question, need advice or are looking for some local expertise, I'm your girl. Don't ever hesitate to reach out, I love hearing from you!


Let's Take the Next Step Together!

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