Heather Scott, Broker

Hello, my name is Heather Scott and I have a long history in the Muskoka area. I was born and raised here, as was my father, a local building contractor. My family’s established history in Muskoka means I have unmatched knowledge of the Muskoka area and the local real estate market, both as it is today and historically.

I have a true, authentic love for the beautiful lakes that dot the Muskoka District, as well as the numerous wonderful communities and incredible locals. It truly is a place like no other.

Consistently ranked the top real estate agent at Forest Hill Real Estate Inc in Muskoka, it’s my honour to bring my experience, skill and local insights to each and every client interaction.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, to me it’s all about creating a positive, low pressure experience that helps you get that much closer to your goals.

Let's take the next step together!

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