Success Stories

"Our Cottage Sold in 2 Days After Being on the Market for Months"

Here's the situation

Megan and her family had owned their cottage for a couple of years. They bought a different property and realized they weren't going to need the cottage anymore, so they decided it was time to sell it. 

They listed it for sale with a different agent in August. He had an old fashioned approach to real estate and basically just stuck a for sale sign in their front yard with little to no social presence and zero scheduled showings. Megan grew frustrated because she knew if her home had the right exposure, allowing people to see and experience photos of her home, then people would fall in love with it just as she had. October rolled around and their beloved cottage…

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Adrian and his family have vacationed in Muskoka for over 40 years. As his kids grew older, they expressed their desire to have a cottage of their own, especially with grandchildren on the way. Rather than renting or going to a village as they have in the past, they finally decided to take the plunge and buy a cottage to call their own. 



After vacationing in Muskoka for years, there was no doubt in their minds that this was the place they wanted to buy their second home.  "We wanted to find something we loved at a price we were willing to pay. We interviewed a couple of other realtors, but no one really stood out to us. Our friend, who is a broker over in Toronto, ended up recommending Heather," Adrian…

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Here's the situation

Trisha had always wanted to own a cottage but held back because she didn't think she could afford it. She had been looking online for quite some time, and the cottages in her budget were worn down and certainly not what her family was looking for.

One day, her curiosity got the best of her and she decided to reach out to me, just to put her mind at ease. When I was able to show Trisha some cottages in her desired price range, her interest grew stronger and she was determined to get her husband on board.


"When I was entertaining the idea of buying a cottage of our own, I did most of the searching online myself. I was hesitant to involve a realtor…

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Here's the situation

Lucille and her family have vacationed in Muskoka over the past few years. Her cousin had a cottage that they'd often visit in the summertime with their kids. They'd often stay at one of their favorite resorts, the JW Marriott Muskoka. 

Eventually, they reached a point in their life where they could afford to have a second home of their home. The timing finally felt right.

The first place that came to mind? Muskoka. 

photo from shore, overlooking lake.


"There were a couple of properties we wanted to see, so we ended up contacting the listing agents of those properties. We weren't impressed with any of them. After calling Heather, we felt comfortable right off the bat.

When we first met her in person and…

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